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Essence of a healty company

Companies we like have

Clear Vision
Summarize the company's business on one slide.
Large Market
Address markets with rapid growth or change potential. Local start, international adaptation. A 100mEuro market allows more time for tuning the business model and for developing margins.
Unique Offer
Be different on the market. Answer a real need. How can it be protected against copying? Pick the one thing that is of essential importance to the customer, then present a compelling solution.
No company goes anywhere without distribution. Develop sales channels. The more, the better. Embrace them and “listen” to the market.
Different Thinking
Dare to be different. Constantly challenge conventional wisdom, try new directions. Create novel solutions. Outwit the competition.
Winning team
First class founders attract first class teams. A start-up equals people. The way people pull together, determines company culture. It is the core of the team. Pick team members who are the best in their domain.
Fast Moving
Dribble and move! Speed and astuteness will usually help out-smart large companies.
Strong Focus
What's critical? Spend only on the priorities and maximize profitability.
Cronical Avarice
Start with a limited budget. It forces discipline and focus. Keep things simple. Products developed by great people require little firepower.