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Each year we mentor projects both pro bono and for a fee.

Our goal is to enhance interesting ideas with promising business models, and executable plans, making them "understandable" to investors.

peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) reversal

EPC (Endothelial Progenitor Cells) based therapy by Israeli medical team to rejuvenate and stabilise damaged peripheral arteries caused by diabetes. 2011 Investor: Angel Investors, V3 Partners Clinical trials phase II.

BME StartUp Factory

Donát and László institutionalise the entrepreneurship evolution of university students. 2017 Investor designates: SzTA and V3 Partners Project terminated

Chicken Banana

Marton and Adam industrialising the escape room content production. Franchise system roll out based on their Barcelona unit. 2018 Investor: Founders


Tamas and Marcell's app to calculate dietary requirements to balance diabetes patient's sugar levels. 2016 Angel investment - 77 elektronika

3D spine scanner

Petra makes scoliosis detection reliable and corset making simple using a 3D scanner, offering personalised home rehab. 2014 Suspended


Zoltán's renaissance technology makes washing faster, more economical and environmentally friendly. 2021 Investors: Hiventures


Gabor runs a 3D capture company, servicing the Visual Effects and VR community in the entertainment industry. 2016 VC Investment - Hiventures

Project ADM

Gergely and Miklós introduce a new business model to the ADM (Anonymous Data Monetization) market 2019 Investor designates: Codecluster, V3 Partners Project terminated

Recycling centrifuga

Karoly's invention to separate different plastic waste -polymers - using heat and centrifugal force. 2014 University R&D

SDS System

András digitalises and automates the invoicing, accounting and archiving process. 2015 VC Investment - Hiventures


Kristian makes websites and online communication measurable and comparable. 2014 Founder


David's GoPro stabilizer mount. 2014 VC Investment - Hiventures


Melinda offers a digital tailoring solution to professional fashion modeling and prototyping. 2013 Angel investor


Csaba and Attila develop smart/IOT solutions to digitalise water utilities. 2018 VC Investment: Sussterra Capital, V3 Partners